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        A highly saturated green-blue that is the complementary colour of red and its all forms, with magenta and yellow, a set of primary colours. Cyan (pronounced as “saɪæn from Greek: κύανoς/kýanos (meaning "dark blue substance") may be used as the name of any of a number of colors in the blue/green range of the spectrum. In reference to the visible spectrum cyan is used to refer to the colour obtained by mixing equal amounts of green and blue light or the removal of red from white light. Cyan is also called aqua or blue-green, and was previously known as "cyan blue".


        Blue colour gives peace of mind. It can represent spirituality and religion. It is considered by many to be the most calming colour, indicating sensitivity, truth, healing, hope, friendship, physical protection, creativity, patience, wisdom, peace, and loyalty. Blue also assists with sleep and is thought to represent inner light and guidance.

        Green colour creates balance of energy. It is thought to heal the heart and help overcome a fear of giving and sharing. Green assists adaptability, promotes reconciliation, harmony, and balance, and peaceful thoughts. It is a symbol of fertility and growth; represents abundance, vitality, nature, success, good luck, and beauty. Green is the most restful color for the human eye.


This brings us to our AIM


        “To create a BRIDGE paradigm of friendship, peace, harmony, patience, love, and loyalty while respecting individual thoughts, spiritualistic & religious believes.”     


        For information and interest, basic variations as well as all shades of cyan are appended below.



Light Cyan #

Above is displayed the colour light cyan. It reflects the Youth, potential, Vitality and health. Let us call it Cyan01.

Light Sea Green #20B2AA

Above is the color light sea green. It reflects Healing and Health. Let us call it


Dark Cyan #008B8B

Above is the color dark cyan. It reflects Emotional healing and protection. A calming influence. Dynamic motivation. Let us call it


Teal #008080

The color teal is displayed above. It reflects Soothing, Healing, Wisdom, Harmony, Aids in decision making. Let us call it




Note.        Electric cyan (web color aqua- additive secondary) and Process cyan (pigment cyan/printer's cyan- subtractive primary) are also two other variations but can be added (this addition will make the CYAN complete) as and when BASIC CYAN variants agreeJ…..


Am I right 1,2 & 3?


Shades of cyan

Alice blue



Baby blue

Bondi blue



Electric blue

Midnight green

Pine green











Rain shower

Robin egg blue


























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